2Q3A5487Having just obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Photography, I figured the next step in my career was putting my work where people could see it. This website will be home to my projects and the photographs that I am pleased to have taken and I hope to give new perspective.

Not enjoying the studio environment and having a preference for photographing natural things, has put me in a field that is well practiced and hard to stand out in.

Over two years at college and three years at university I have sampled most areas of photography, including darkroom work, studio work and basic photographic manipulation. In these five years I carried out many small projects within photography’s many disciplines, learning both areas where I felt comfortable or uncomfortable.

This culminated with what I feel is my biggest achievement, being part of my course’s degree show in London, where I exhibited my Orchidacea project.

My work is primarily digital and whilst most of my images come from my DSLR camera a few have come from my phone or a smaller digital camera.

What got me into Photography?

My interest in photography started out with my love of capturing memories, which later led to me completing an A-Level college course in photography. The course was fun and I learned about pin-hole cameras, apertures, shutter speeds and how to process and develop my own film and photographs in black and white photography.

It was at university that I learned about colour processing and working in a colour darkroom. I really enjoyed learning about the darkroom process and applying what I learned using colour and black and white. Having explored that avenue of photography I felt my skills were better suited to digital medium.

What will the future hold?

Eventhough I practice within the digital form of the medium, I am no means hampered and I’m happy to experiment with my photography in other ways. My current projects include:

Black and White Enhancement

I have always had a love for black and white imagery and the simplicity that comes from tonal difference. I like the fact that monochrome draws attention to finer details that are more subtle and sometimes over looked in colour photography. During my time at university I looked at sepia and cyanotype imagery but I came back to monochrome with black and white.

I have an interest in close up photography as black and white prints but am dissatisfied with the results of straight-forward greyscale and like to enhance the tonal quality by adjusting the levels and sharpening blacks and whites. I feel this leads to a more crisp and artistic image, and that it helps to pick out the more subtle textures such as: the veining in petals.

Stained Glass Photography

This is a partially side-lined project as it is difficult and time consuming. It involves more photo manipulation such as changing the image texture and adding lines to block off different pieces, for example the stem, leaves and individual petals in a plant. The process varies depending on content and so far I haven’t been happy enough with finished tests to submit them here.