Orchidacea is a collection of black and white photographs, born of a wish to draw the viewer’s attention to floral detail more commonly brushed aside, colour distracts from the finer details of flowers. Initially a side-project in my final year at university it grew to become my final body of work. These black and white images have also been enhanced to be crisper for a less bleached out look compared to a straight forward grey-scale.

This project culminated in a final set of six close crop images of Orchids, hence the title being Orchidacea, however the collection was originally 58 orchid photographs that had to be thinned down to just six final prints.  I chose Orchids for the variety within the flowers, whereas with roses the difference mainly lies in colour and in some cases scent, orchids vary in size, petal shape and form which lends them much better to a black and white series of a single flower species.

I hope to do further black and white enhancement projects with other, more varied subject matter in the future.